About Me

Khwaja Faiq Ahmad Wyne

Business Intelligence & Development 
9+ years of experience of utilizing analysis skills for formulating business development strategies. 

Leveraged Business Intelligence for highlighting key factors responsible for 16%-23% flux in revenue, suggesting hiring optimization process saving 10% increase in Net Profit, and based on inter-industry relations referred business for stabilization of EBTIDA margins. 

For Retail Business Intelligence Projects I have successfully rationalized use of 70 business reports along with 22 visualizations designed in the form of Dashboards & Scorecards. Covered over 1K measures of business having 7K+ variations due to dimensions coming into play. 

Recently engaged as Business Analyst & Product Manager for a M-commerce product - Converging Telecom & Financial services. 

Developed Business by exploring new frontiers of outsourcing services; and have pioneered in capitalizing the same. Achieved Strategic Partnerships with competitors for gaining competitive edge in the Global market and mutual interest of stabilizing profit ratio.

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