Mar 29, 2013

Mass-market of One - Web Intelligence

Virtual marketplace of 2013 is more dynamic and has presented its exhibitors with "intelligent tools" required to manage consumer expectations.

Now how can tool be intelligent? The adjective "intelligent" is referring to a platform (entity) that can be used for our benefit as a "tool".

These intelligent tools are outburst of social engagement addiction found over the web. Platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Mashable and other various breeds can be helpful in targeting and managing consumer's expectation.

All you need is an idea good enough to do business with and a possible match group of web users; who would like to be part of your business as customers. A successful Idea is bound to have some sort of economic sense into it and the most important of all the addictive (social interaction) element for kicking your idea to the next level.

With updates, feeds, likes and fan-following (data from social platforms) businesses can formulate a user profile based on this data and can run trials on user acceptance (focused groups) before even a product is developed or launched. These trial results (reviews) can help in develop a product or a service fit to serve the need or desire of a particular demographic, or geographic population.

Based upon review relating to a particular product, businesses can have a list of possible funneling attributes; that would help them to make the sale and hit their profit margins. Social platforms are a remarkable intelligent tool that can be used in identifying your prospect, profiling, convert them into customers; completing the whole business cycle with minimum expenses rendered.