Mar 25, 2013

Suppressed Timelines! :-s

On my flight back from a training course, I was feeling relaxed and wanted to enjoy some music.. so got the airline's headset plugged into my HTC and started nodding with the rhythm.....
I realized a fresh pleasant face was in front of me...serving meal and drinks to us civil passengers, but then she looked at her colleague and frowned; It seemed as if she wanted to tell her something important. Then she turns around with a slight rush asks "which drink sir?" Spills a drop on me.  " I'm sorry!"  with utter embarrassment she said.

She had her cool and was very much in control, but why the rush?
I told her " you need to relax". She replied; due to turbulence we are short of time.
I understood it and smiled back, and saw her handing over tissuees for cleaning up the drink.

There I was observing earlier but now was calculating in my head the time consumed in cleaning up was almost half of serving time. So if she is short on time, her rush is causing her 50% more time in covering all of the passengers, had realised that If it would have been someone else the time would have been more than her and spillage would have been close to a rain shower on my head.

So it struck me that while we are short on time we should give our activities reasonable time, so that they can be completed efficiently and accurately, within the available timeframe.